Ben 10 Omniverse Hero Hoops

Ben has been fighting aliens ever since he was 10 years old. Now that he is a teenager, he is already good at that, but that doesn't make him popular among teenagers. And that is something that Ben wants. To be popular to his colleagues would mean that girls would be easy for him. He knows that he need to do something else that would attract the female. Violence is not one of those thing, so Be sets his eye on becoming good at basketball. He knows that this would make him the apple of the eye of girls. Whenever there are no threat, he makes sure that he would practice his shooting skills.

Help Ben to be good at shooting. The idea is to shoot those balls till there are no time left. Each hoop has its equivalent points. Sometimes, you might get more than you bargain. Some hoops would help you to score more points. There are no levels in this game as you need to keep on shooting till there is time left. You need to get as much points as you can before your time runs out. There are no secrets in this game as you just need to do it over and over again till your time ends.

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