Ben 10: Street Fight

As much as Ben likes to use his Omnitrix, he is also a hard hitter, which means he could trade punches with some of the toughest in the world even without the use of his alien watch. Some people thinks that Ben is tough because of his Omnitrix, but they didn't know is that he is already tough before he even acquired the alien watch. When he become a teenager, he would often use his strength against his enemies at times when he can't transform yet. This is because, his Omntrix needs recharging before it can be use again. And some of his enemies know this and often exploits it. So, by the time that Ben is older, he is much tougher and would often trade punches with his enemies.

In this game, you are going to depend more on your strength rather than the Omnitrix. Don't worry as you can still use the Omnitrix, but you need to gather enough power for it to be use. When you have enough power then you can transform into Humungusaur, but for a short time only. Some kills would give you money and some would give you power. You can use the money to upgrade.

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