Ben 10: Robot War

When Earth is in danger, there is only one hero to call. Ben is the man that can save our lives. However, what would happen if his Omnitrix is broken as it does goes broken form time to time. Fortunately, he got the Plumbers, which has access to some of the best weapons in all over the galaxy. The Plumbers lend him a robot, to which he could use in time of an invasion. This robot is so powerful that it could compete with some of the powerful entities all over the galaxy. So, the time has come as some alien form an alliance with other Ben's enemies to give our planet the greatest fear. Good thing, that Ben came to the rescue, but will he triumph this time?

Help Ben to win against his enemies. You are inside a robot and you need to defeat all of your enemies. The enemies can swarm you, so you need to get them before they can even get to you. Shoot at them at first sight, so you can reduce their numbers. Your shots are limited and you need to refill it with some ammo floating on sky. Try to make every shot count.

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