Ben 10: Chasedown

Aliens would do anything if that means that they would take over the world. Even if, that means that they would act like a local criminal and start destroying buildings while riding a car. Seems like a low thing to do, but that is the truth about aliens. if we aren't going to take action now then it might be too late when we act upon it. Fortunately, we have Ben to do the chasing and stop the aliens for us. Though, he can't use the omnitrix while driving, he can still stop them because his car is heavily armed. He would just shoot the car of the alien if the latter would give him a problem.

Drive your car as fast as you can while maneuvering it on the road. The road is dangerous as it is full of speeding vehicles, aside from the culprit. You would need to catch up with your target without getting your car crash. Grab as many Omnitrix symbols for more points. Try not to bump into another vehicle as that would damage the car. You need to catch up before your time ends. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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