Ben 10 Vs Alien Racer

Like humans, aliens have good and bad. You can't expect that every humans wants the good of their own specie, so you can't expect it on the aliens too. Some aliens are part of Plumbers, in which, Ben's grandpa is part of. They help in developing fire arms and some of them act as a police. They bring in the bad guys to the jail, so it would changes its way. When one of the aliens challenge Ben in a match of bike, Ben didn't say no as he is good at riding bikes. He is confident enough to take on the challenge.

Ride the bike as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try to balance your bike all the time to prevent any accident on the road. The alien won't hold back, and so should you. Don't let him win against you as there won't be any other challenge if that happens. The game gets harder and harder as the alien keeps on getting faster as you make some progress. Grab as many green stars as you can for added points. There are five levels in this game, which you need to conquer.

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