Ben 10: Gadgets

Ben uses his Omnitrix to fight some evil alien. Whenever he need some heavy backup, he transform into an alien through the use of his Omnitrix. You could say that Ben heavily relies on his Omnitrix, but what you didn't know is that Ben also has a blaster on his side. it is just that he rarely uses it since he depended on his Omnitrix for most of the time. His alien watch is his most beloved gadget, but he got other gadgets that he hides in the Plumber's base. When he was young, he only got the Omnitrix, but as he got older, he acquired several gadgets from his travels.

This game makes use of the blaster, aside from his alien watch. He would also use his watch, but since the watch has some cooling time, he would need other gadgets to take out the aliens. Walk through the area and kill some alien. Try to complete the gadgets, so you can get to the exit and proceed to the next level. Collect the omnitrix symbols for added points. This won't be a walk in the park as there are aliens out to get you aside from the obstacles waiting for you.

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