Ben10: Zombie Halloween

They say that all the things that go bumping into the night goes out every Halloween night, but those things are just legends and never been proven real. The fact is, Halloween is one of the most much awaited event for kids since they are going to dress up in costume and they are going to ask people to give them candies. However, the zombies don't care about such festivities and when they are out on the road, no one would dare to go out, not even the adults. Fortunately, Ben just got home from another galactic mission and he won't let these zombies feast on the helpless people. He won't allow any zombies to get pass him.

The idea here is not to let any zombies get pass you. Each zombie that you let pass you would double and haunt you back. You have a limited ammo, so try to conserve it. There be other ammo falling down from the sky. Sometimes, there be health packs too that you can use to heal your wounds. You can interchange your weapons, but you can't use another weapon if you don't have an ammo for that. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.

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