Ben10: Kraken Attack

Ever since man traveled the ocean, stories about a huge squid-like monster attacking ships were told. The monster was known as the Kraken and it was as big as a battle ship. No one knows why it attacks ships, but people only knew that it was dangerous. Since then, man tried to get far from the ocean to which the Kraken was attacking. It become peaceful as the Kraken have lied in the depth of the Ocean, but mankind were dumping toxic waste on the ocean and the Kraken didn't like it. He would travel to the lake to take his revenge on the humans. Fortunately, Ben and his friend learnt of it and are now trying to stop the Kraken. Ben needs to defeat it and put it back to sleep once more.

You need to defeat the Kraken several times before it would decide to sleep once more. You would be using different alien characters in this game for each level, but the idea would be the same. You need to shoot at the monster and try not to get shot at the same time. The game become harder and harder each time the Kraken goes back, so you need to be more vigilant and avoid the attacks.

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