Ben 10: Save the Princess

Ben like anyone else want to have a good day, so it is just logical that he finds something that would interest him aside from battling aliens. He can't battle alien all his life as there would be a time when he needs to do something else and having a hobby makes him prepared to do something else when the time comes. While he was riding his horse one time, a guy approaches him and told him that someone had stolen her daughter. Ben quickly offered his help, not knowing that the guy was a king and the girl was a princess from outer space. But, as he spend more time with the guy, the guy told him the whole story and Ben was not knew about it, so he decided to help anyway.

The idea here is to catch up with the princess and his captors. You need to make haste or you won't get to them soon. Something might happened to the princess if you can't get to her immediately. You need to move he mouse up and down to make the horse go faster and use the space bar to make it jump obstacles. As you move along, you'll notice that it is getting harder and harder. There be more obstacles than before.

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