Ben 10 New Adventure Game

When Gwen got kidnap, Ben already know that it was the alien's doing. The aliens want to get back at Ben for spoiling their evil plans in the past. And since they know how powerful the Omnitrix, they don't want to go head to head with Ben as he uses the power of the Omnitrix. They sent a letter to Ben indicating an all out war, but without the use of the alien watch. They would kill Gwen if Ben would use his watch. Ben must abide to the letter's condition or he would lose his best friend and cousin, Gwen.

The game can only be played with a mouse. You need to press the left button to fire the blaster. Hold into it and it would fire non-stop. Blast your way to the enemies till you get to Gwen. This won't be easy as there would be lots of enemies flying across your way. You need to blast them all. There won't be any special power in this game, so you need to rely on your ability to avoid any incoming attacks. The game has no other level, other than the first, meaning that you finish the game when you rescue Gwen.

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