Ben10 Tow Truck

Ben knows that battling alien is not a job. No one is willing to pay someone to fight, even though, you are a hero. Ben seeks to find a job, but finding one isn't easy and would need for you to use some of your talents. Fortunately, Ben knows how to drive a truck and soon, he got a job as a truck driver for a tow truck company. There are lots of car that got stranded on the city daily. There are a lot of reasons; why such happened, but other people don't care since they are busy with their own life. For them, these vehicles are just hassle since it blocks the road and they can't get to their destination immediately. That is why; there is a towing company in the first place.

In this game, there won't be any aliens to battle it out. You would need to drive a tow truck to its destination as fast as you can. Try not to lose the car at your back while you are driving the truck. Grab some Omnitrix symbols along the way for points. There are other vehicles in there are, but these guys aren't moving at all and serves as an obstacle.

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