Ben 10: Age of Ninja

Ben is transported back in time when the feudal lord rules the land. Back then, lords go to war to expand their territory, but it seems that there are some aliens involve here. Ben didn't have a clue on how he got to that era, but one thing that he is sure of, it is the work of something out of this world and he isn't going to stop till he found out what it is. He vows that he would come back to his own timeline. Another thing that he hates about being transported in such era is that his Omnitrix isn't working here, so he needed to learn how to be a ninja. Fortunately, he found a ninja master and learns from him. After several years, he is now ready to take on the Feudal lord that might know something about what happened to him.

Hack and slash your way to countless enemies. You need to find the exit to get to the next level. There would be ninjas and muscle men ready to stop you, so be careful. You are equipped with a sword, but you can use a ninja star when you find some.

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