Ben 10 Fight 2

The city is suddenly filled with thugs. No one was prepared for them when they came, so they have taken the city by surprise and now they got the city for themselves. However, it seems that they are working for someone. Soon, some giant rats, and other pest began appearing around the city. Ben suspects it was the work of Animo, a super genius, but derailed man. Animo likes turning things big, but the whole world laugh at him and he became mad. Now, he is getting his revenge and he wants the whole world o pay for it. Fortunately, Ben wouldn't want to let that happen, he would do everything in his power to stop the evil scientist. But, stopping Animo won't be easy as he have some help from the local gangs.

Ben would need your help to stop Animo and the gang from taking the city. The game is set in the city and it is filled with gangs and enlarged animals. Your goal would be to get to the door safely. But, that won't be easy since there are enemies almost anywhere you go. You need to defeat them, but if you can avoid them, do so. There are power-ups that could help you to transform into an alien this game to fight back the enemies.

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