Ben 10: Cannon Rush

Ben 10 was sent to infiltrate an alien base, but he got careless and got himself in danger. He ran, but the pursuers are fast, he needed to transform into XLR8, but the problem is his Omnitrix isn't cooperating with him. Instead, he transform into Cannonball. Anyway, this alien guy can use his shape to his advantage by rolling. This will also serve Ben, but not as much as Xlr8 does. Ben didn't have any choice left for him as he need to use this form now. Ben started running and would destroy anything blocking his path as Cannonball is built to do just that.

Your objective is to get as far as you can within the game. Your character keeps on running till it drops down. You need to make sure that it won't happen as that would end the game. Anyway, you can start the game over and over again, but you would have to start at the beginning. There is no secret in this game as you need to rely on your decision when to jump. If your decision is not good then you would end up falling down. The game has no level as you need to keep on running. Your points depends upon the distance you traveled.

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