Ben10: Ghost Town

They say that all the things that go bump in the night comes out whenever it is Halloween. So, if you don't want to meet them, you should not go out whenever it is Halloween. But, Ben is brave and isn't scare of ghost. He wanted to see a ghost since he was a kid, but he wasn't able to see one before. When he learned that he could see a ghost at Halloween, he take the chance to meet one, but things aren't what he expected since the ghost are hostile. They would attack anyone they see. And the night was long, so every ghost in town come out to haunt.

Beat every ghost in town. That is the idea, but that won't be easy since these guys fight back and might beat the hell out of you if you are not well prepared. You need to punch and kick your way through the specters to get to another area. You can't advance if there are still ghost left in an area. You need to beat them all before the light wall would disappear. The game gets harder and harder as you make your progress, but it also becomes more exciting.

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