Ben 10: Road Rage

The road poses a lot of dangers to everyone since an accident might happen anytime soon. Of course, we all know that it could be limited depending on how vehicles are handled on a daily basis, but it won't hurt if you are going to do your part. Ben knows this, but he isn't concern on his safety since he likes it when he feels the wind violently passing him by. He got excited when that happens and he feels the adrenaline flowing through him, just like the way it is flowing through him whenever he battles alien. But, of course, Ben makes sure that no one is around when he does some dangerous stunts.

At the start of the game, you don't have any option since you are left to drive a truck. Collect as many purple objects on the road as you can use it for purchasing new vehicle to be use on the game. Each level is dangerous, but you would notice that the threat heightens as you make some progress. A yellow object allows you to use a booster, which is very useful in this game. The game gets more exciting and dangerous as you journey your way from one level to another.

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