Ben 10 Dead Cave

Ben was following Vilgax to locate his hideout, but Ben wasn't prepared to find out what was Vilgax was doing. It seems that he has been duplicating himself. Though, the duplicates is not as powerful as the real one. It is still a threat to all lives as Vilgax want to use them to control the galaxy. Ben knows that he need to get rid of the duplicate before the real one find out about him. Ben waited till the real Vilgax get out and he started to get rid of the duplicates. He can't use his Omnitrix as it needs to be fix, so he would just rely on his blaster to fight the duplicates with. The cave has different path, so Ben would need you guide him.

Get rid of the duplicates and try to find the exit point. Try not to fall or that would end the game instantly. Avoid the projectiles as you would lose some lives. You can take all the time in the world a this game don't have any timer. Try to use the time to be able to get the perfect timing to strike. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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