Ben 10 Gold Miner Game

Ben is always busy fighting some aliens, but we all know that it doesn't' make him money. Though, he likes to be the hero, he need to face reality some times. In other words, he need to find a job and make money somehow. But being a superhero doesn't give him much on an option since the world needs him. Fortunately, his grandpa knows an old abandon mine and this one still has a few gold in it. If he gets lucky, he can even find a huge chunk of gold and some diamonds. Though, it isn't something that would make him rich, it is a start for Ben to make some money during his free time.

Sorry to disappoint you if this is not the alien battling game that you want, but if you do try it then you would know that it is a rather fun game. The idea here is to reach the amount that is indicated at the upper portion of the screen. You need to grab rocks that is worth or more than the amount needed in a level for you to proceed to the next level. As you move from one level to another, the game gets more challenging too. You can also use a dynamite to blow the rocks on the way, but you need to find some explosives first before you can use it.

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