Ben 10: Robot Army

Ben was in the pursuit of an evil alien, who wants to travel back in time and ruin history. Ben couldn't get there in time and the alien have triumph in changing the history. He followed the alien back in the Wild West, but things aren't what they are before. Somehow, history have been rewritten already, but Ben knows that he can find the alien here. Perhaps, everything will go back in its place once Ben captured the alien, who did this. This is a mission that he can't rely fail or the whole world will be doomed. Upon his arrival at the Wild West era, there are already robots there. He need to eliminate the robots and capture the alien.

This game is a fast draw, in which you you need to be quick or you end up dead. Aside from the robots, you need to shoot at the bulls eye for more points. If you run out of bullets then you would see some bullets at the far opposite corner of the screen. Grab the bullet and place it in the holster to refill. Once, you have bullets again then you can shoot the robots once again till they are all gone.

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