Ben 10: Revolution

Ben has been using his Omnitrix ever since he found it. He was only 10 years then when he found it, so he has been using it for a long time now. Now, that he is a teen, the device has gotten stronger and gives him the ability to transform into more than 10 different aliens at a time. Little did Ben knows that his dependency over his alien watch would come to an end as it got damage and somehow releases the alien DNA, turning each one into an alien. Ben need to fight them or they would cause some trouble to the human race. Fortunately, he found a bazooka to fight the aliens with. With the firearm, he has a descent fighting chance.

The game is played with a mouse. The situation here is that you are on one side while the aliens are on the other side. You need to blast them to defeat them. Each level got its own alien and you need to eliminate not all, but the required number of aliens indicated at the start of every level. After you eliminated the required number, you are off to the next level with another alien race.

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