Ben 10 Hidden Logo

When Ben acquired the Omnitrix, he immediately become one of the most powerful being in the world. With it, he is able to transform into 10 different alien at a time. And as time flies, he discovers that there is more to it than being able to transform into an alien. He found out that the OMnitrix has capability to absorb alien DNA, which in turn allows Ben to transform into more aliens. When he became a teenager, he has more than 10 alien, but his code name Ben 10 retains for that is how he got known. Now, more powerful than ever, other powerful beings can not just set him aside. And because of this, he has been given access not only to the world, but the galaxy as well. He has help several world, making the galaxy safe as one of the galaxy police.

Ben is popular and now his symbol has been well know. The symbol of the Omnitrix, for which gives him power. In this game, you need to find the hidden logos scattered on the pictures. The logos aren't easy to find since it is well-blended in its surrounding. This game has a timer, so you need to find them quickly.

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