Ben 10 Evil Magician

Ben has grown even stronger when he turned teen. Now, he can transform into more than 10 different alien. With their powers, he is now more than a match for most of his opponents, but one thing that Ben can't handle is sorcery since aliens don't have that naturally. They also need to study the black arts and that is what his Omnitrix can't give him. His omnitrix can only give him alien capabilities and magic is not something that an even an alien possess naturally. When the evil magician that Vilgax is associated from a long time ago, Ben knows that this would be tough. Nevertheless, he still need to defeat this magician as this guy is causing trouble in the big city. No one else can stop this guy, but Ben. Ben needs to kick this guy out of the city.

This game is about the alien that possesses magic. You need to knock him out before he can blast you. You only weapon here is your fist and you need to knock him out early. You can only move in to the next area if you have knock out all of the enemies in an area.

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