Ben10: Jogging

Ben always get a good workout whenever he fights alien, but this is very dangerous if you are not fit since he might die from battling such aliens. Besides, he can't always rely on his alien watch to save him all the time. There are times that he need to rely on his own strength to be able to get by. And such, it would be helpful if he have a fit body. He needs to strengthen himself. Regular exercise is a great way not only to get in shape, but also to in strength. One of the best way to exercise is to go jog in the park, but this could also be dangerous as there are lots of obstacles around the park that could endanger the life of our hero. Ben would like to jog in the park and he needs you to guide him.

The idea here is to get as far as you can. There are no levels in this game as you just need to make sure that he can get pass the obstacles presented at the park. The game can get as long or as short as you can. It depends on you on how you can extend your time while jogging.

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