Ben 10: Madness 2

We have seen Ben battle with aliens most of the time, but that is all that he does. Perhaps he is as boring as he could be since he does nothing, but fight aliens. If you think that Ben is that boring then that is where you are wrong since battling aliens are full of excitement. There are many adventures in such battles and you would never see that in a sport. He could be anything, but boring since he can do almost anything if the situation needs it. One time, he is after an alien, he need to drive a car and it shows how good he is at driving a car.

Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. You need to survive till you reach the finish line or get there before your time is up. Either way, you would surely advance to the next level. If you see a van then bump it and you would get some super power, which you can use on other cars. There are lots of vehicles in the area and if would be almost impossible to avoid them all, so you need to use a special power to reach your destination.

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