Ben10: Cross the Hell

Ben have seen a lot of stuff in his lifetime as he he had traveled far and wide. With every travel he does, brings new experience. All of this started when he got the Omnitrix - a powerful alien device that enables to wielder to transform into an alien and use the power of that alien. Ben has won lots of battle, but his power isn't enough to save him from death. As Ben life force passes by, he goes to hell and there he learned that if he want to live, he need to escape the river of souls. He can't use the Omnitrix since he can't bring it there, so he needs to rely on himself.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to escape the river of souls. You need to calculate how much power and how high your jump is to be able to land at the right spot. If you miscalculated then you land in the river of souls, losing one of your lives. When all of your lives are gone then you lose the game. If you think that this would be easy since you just jump from one platform into another then think again.

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