Ben 10: Ultimate Force 3

Dr Animo has escape prison and like as always, he want to get revenge on Ben since the latter has spoiled his evil plan before. Animo knows that as long as Ben is still there, his plans would now work since Ben would surely try to stop him in every way he can. This time, he has new animals that he turned into a giant. These are giant frogs and can reach a faster speed than most of his creations before. This is not a sure win on his side, but this could increase his chance of winning. Ben knew that Animo is after him, but he didn't care since he would want to stop Animo at any chance given to him. It doesn't matter if he is walking in a trap or not.

This is the third franchise of the same game and the game is challenging than before. You need to get to the door for you to advance to the next level. You an fight the monster by punching them, but this would be tougher. The easy way is to get the fire star and transform into Heatblast. You could just blast your enemy in a safe distance.

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