Ben 10: Gauntlet

There is a legendary gauntlet that is said to have the power to eradicate an entire army within a few minute. This gauntlet is so powerful that is even more powerful than the Omnitrix. An alien wants it, so he could rule the galaxy with it, but Ben isn't going to is down and let him have it. He followed the alien and when the alien find out about the secret chamber, Ben knows that this would be his chance to get the gauntlet. He can't let the evil have it for himself as Ben knew that nothing good would come out of it if it is use for ones own desire. He need to get it and let the Plumbers have it. They have the resource to lock it out for good.

The game is played with a single button on the keyboard - space. You need to get to the gauntlet, but won't be easy since the place is filled with booby traps. You need to run jump to get there, but be wary about the traps as it would surely kill you. Try this game with safety in mind as that is what you need to do in order for you to finish the game. If you think, you have what it takes then you should really try it.

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