Ben 10 Overkill Apache

During World War 2, many were killed because of countries wanting to expand their territories. Back then, you need a lot of soldiers and a brilliant mind to win a war. Ben wasn't even born back then, but he got involve somehow. While Ben was on a trail of aliens, he go caught in a time machine and was transported back in time during the World War 2. He can't use his the Omnitrix as it was malfunctioning. The soviets are attacking he USA, so he sign in to defend his country. He was given the permission to pilot an Apache.

In this game, you are going to pilot an old war plane. The idea is destroy anything on your sight, but you only have a limited ammo. Don't worry about it as there are ammo dropping from the sky and you just need to catch it on air. Nevertheless, it is wise to conserve your ammo as it is not unlimited. Shoot only if there are enemies worth shooting at. Enemies keep on coming, but would disappear on screen even if you didn't shoot at them.

Are you ready to be a hero back in ?World War 2?

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