Ben10 Cross the Chasm

We have seen Ben battle aliens all the time and this is what you probably imagine our hero. You might that is what all he does and that is why he is good at it. However, there is an old saying that all works make a guy boring. And Ben don't want to be boring. Besides, he need an activity that would boost his adrenaline, so it could make him sharper during the battle. He might not leave another day, if an enemy defeats him. But, the problem is that evil aliens don't come regularly. He need something that would work his adrenaline and crossing the chasm is just what he needs.

In this game, you need to cross the chasm and land your feet on another platform. If you fall in the water then you lose a life. When all of your life are gone then the game ends. You need to get to the safe zone and that would be long and hard. You need to calculate how much force and how high your jump would be to be able to land safely on the other platform. The game gets harder and more challenging, but that is what makes the game more exciting.

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