Ben10 Omniverse Shooting

Ben always get in trouble because he always try to stop the evil plans of villain. It doesn't have to be an alien as there are some humans that are as evil as those aliens he have fought before. Besides, not all aliens are bad as they are just like us. Some are living peacefully. Actually, The Plumbers get its technology from the good alien and even as we speak now, there are aliens working in the Plumbers headquarters. That just prove that being evil doesn't have to do with race. Anyway, while Ben was following an alien, the alien discovered him and has sent drones to kill him. Ben immediately transformed into Heatblast and do battle against the drones.

In this game, you are Heatblast and you need to defend yourself from the attacking robots. Blast them from out the sky. Make sure that none of them can get close to you. Also blast some orb out of the sky as it contains power-up that would be useful in your fight against the drone. Make sure that you grab the power as it only stays for a few seconds. Also, the power-ups aren't permanent, so look for more orbs coming your way.

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