Ben 10 ATV 3D

Ben might be a hero, but deep inside, he is still a teenager, who want to enjoy his life. Though, he enjoys battling aliens, things like that don't always happen. He need something that he could do whenever he gets bored. He needs a hobby, wherein he won't need to use his alien watch. He did enjoy riding his bike in the past, but as we grow older we tend to outgrow all the things that we used to do before. Now, he needs something that he is familiar with and riding an ATV seems familiar to him since it is like riding a bike, only this time he would ride something with three wheels.

In this game, you would be riding an ATV on a racetrack. You need to win the race in order for you to advance to the next level. There are power-ups that could help you in the race, but there are also things that would get in your way. The power-ups are the green omnitrix symbol and the red one makes you out of control of your ATV for a few seconds. The green one makes you fire up your turbo. You need to cross the starting line twice for you to finish the race.

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