Ben10 Ice Jump

Ben likes to fight and when he fights, he wins most of the time. Thanks to his Omnitrix, he has become one of the most powerful being in the world. Overtime, he would grow stronger and become a known person even in the galaxy. All of this could not become true if weren't for his Omnitrix, which he found one summer day in the middle of the forest. All of his abilities are because of his alien device, but Grandpa Max knows that Ben should be in shape in order to prepare for a tougher battle ahead. It would come when it is least expected, so he urge Ben to go on training. So Ben started his training with the guidance of his grandpa. There training starts in Alaska, where there are lots of floating ice. Ben need to jump form one ice to another ice platform. This is dangerous as you might get freeze to death if you fall in the waters.

In this game, you need to jump from one icy platform into another. There are no time limits in this game, so no need to hurry. The game is played with a mouse and you need to determine how high and how far your jump would be to get to the other platform. If you miscalculated then you fall into the waters and that is the end of the game.

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