Ben 10: Run

Ben is the most popular human, who can transform into more than 10 different aliens. Well, actually, he is the only hero, who can do that. It all started one summer, when he accidentally finds the amazing Omnitrix in the forest. Since then, aliens have been hunting him, but no one was able to defeat him. It is all thank to the Omnitrix, but Grandpa Max knows more than that. He knows that there would come a time, when Ben can't rely on his Omnitrix, so he trained Ben to prepare for that day. That day came when Ben's alien watch got broken. Ben find a sword to defend himself with, but he knows that there is no way that he could take on the aliens head on. He needs to run away and strike when they least expect it.

In this game, Ben keeps on running and it is up to you to make sure that Ben stays safe till he reach the finish line. There are many dangers along the way and you need to control Ben and keep him away from harm's way. You can jump, strike, and slide to do that. You earn gold as you finish one level and you can use those gold to buy more abilities.

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