Ben 10 Extreme Shooter 2

Ben is back from one of his adventures, but this time luck is not on the side of Ben as he looses his Omnitrix. Well, it is not a total lose since it can be repaired when Asmutt come. For the meantime, Ben has no option, but to use some blasters to blast the evil aliens invading the planet. This group of aliens are really bad to the core and they would want to take over the human race, but one thing is for sure, the Plumbers are always here to defend us from any alien invasion. They already sent in Ben to fight the aliens and soon there would be more fighting for the human race.

You won't be using your OMnitrix anytime soon, that is for sure. Instead, you have a blaster to fight the aliens with. Don't worry as the aliens won't reach you. But, you got to reach them with your blaster. The game is played with a mouse and you need to eradicate all the aliens in each level to be able to advance to another level. Look at your surroundings as it might help in your quest. Sometimes, it really pays to do that, but sometimes if don't. The game have a timer, but you don't need to rush as it is just for your bonus points.

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