Ben 10 Ultimate Xmas

Everyone knows how to have fun, even heroes can have fun during the Christmas season. No villains would dare interrupt Christmas celebrations for everyone since they know that they would be the target of every known heroes in the universe and they don't want that to happen. Besides, even villains need a season to celebrate and celebrate anything that they want. This also applies to the galaxy since every known hero in the universe would want a quiet celebration and no would want to go out in Christmas eve just to fix things up. The heroes vowed that they would beat the hell out any villain that would do that to Christmas. So, Ben won't be needing his OMnitrix for such occasion, but he would surely need his skill to drive a bike to impress everyone.

In this game, you need to drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. That might sound easy, but you won't be having an easy day as you drive your bike. Aliens aren't a problem in this game, but riding a bike through snow would really mean a disaster even if you are good in playing this kind of game. Grab as many OMnitrix symbols that you can while you are riding. If there are villains along the way, you just need to run them off the track and go on your way.

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