Ben 10: Save the City

When aliens are attacking, Ben is there to save the world. He would transform into more than 10 aliens. Though, it won't be an easy task, he would surely deliver and fight for the right of the people of the world. Ben was just around 10 years old when he first got the alien device known as the Omnitrix. Since then, he has gotten strong as he is now able to transform into more than 10 aliens. Not to mention he had gone experience with the alien transformation. Now, he is able to utilize the power of the alien all he want, but that won't help if there is an armada of aliens. Fortunately, there are good aliens that he can rely on. Also, there is the group known as the Plumbers that is operated by aliens and humans for the common good. With the coming of an armada, the Plumbers know that transforming into another alien won't help, so they give Ben some high powered blaster to defend himself.

Go on to save the town from aliens. Try to avoid the projectiles as much as possible. You would need all the fire power to win in this game. Try to destroy the ships as fast as possible to be able to get to another location.

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