Ben 10: Ice Jump

Ben travels to the Arctic Circle as there was lots of anomaly going there. There, he noticed that something was odd in the ice and investigated. He found out that there is an alien activity, but the Plumbers seems to not know about anything about it. He knows that something fishy is going on there as it is hidden even from the Plumbers. The Plumbers is the agency to which an alien need to report its activity, so they would be left alone. If it isn't reported then there is a high chance that they are doing something illegal in that area. Ben is investigating the area, but there was lots of ice floating around the sea and he needed to travel. He doesn’t want to use his alien transformation as that would attract some attention from the aliens living there. And that is something that he doesn’t want to do.

The idea here is to jump from one platform into another. There is no timer in this game, but this is sure one hard game since you need to calculate how far would be your jump. Getting from one platform into another is not yet finished as you need to do it over and over till you finish the game.

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