Ben 10 vs Alien

Ben is always fighting some aliens and it seems that he would never be left out whenever there is an alien activity since his grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen are involve with aliens. There would come a day that he would be a known alien fighter, but for now, he is just Ben and he needs to take care of his neighborhood against the evil aliens. We all know that not all aliens are evil, but that doesn't explain why there are evil everywhere. Aliens are just like people, some are good while others are bad.

In this game, you would be doing different things as there are different requirement in each level. The most important thing in this game is to get to the other side. but, before that, you need to do different challenges in each level and it involve different activities. In some levels, you just need to reach the other point, but there are some that would require you to do something in the game. If you fail then you might die in the game. The most important part in each level is that you safely get to the safe zones, but that won't be as easy as it looks like in each level since each level would be different.

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