Ben10 Fireman 2

Ben was on his way home from a mission when a group of alien came to him and began attacking him. Ben has no choice, but to fight them. Ben couldn't control his Omnitrix that time and he transformed into Heatblast. With Heatblast, he knows that he have a fighting chance, but the aliens are many and they would hide from everywhere. Ben knows that this would be a tough fight for him, but there are no way that he would back down from a fight. Besides, the alien attacking him have n plans of going home without hurting him first.

In this game, you can only transform into Heatblast and that is all you need. You need to eliminate all of the aliens to be able to advance to the next round. However, that won't be easy since they are place in the hardest area to reach. You need to use environment to your advantage or you might end up on the losing. The game ends when you have use up all of your shots and you can't take them all of them. There are no timer in this game, but who would play this game that long anyway.

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