Ben 10: Alien Zombie Shot

When the zombie apocalypse happened on Earth, Ben thought that he had seen the worst and Ben together with his friends put an end to the zombie apocalypse. Ben thought that it was all over, but some of his alien friends got infected by the plague and now they turn into zombies themselves. This is a bad timing for Ben since his Omntirix needs repair and can only be repaired after two months period. For now, he would have to defend upon his bike that has a powerful gun attached to it. He would shoot any alien zombies that goes near him. It seems that the problem is growing as more zombies are appearing, but Ben knows that this is not his last fight, so Ben braces himself for zombie attacks.

In this game, zombies has infected the aliens, so now alien zombies are attacking the premises. But, that is not your main concern since your main concern is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. Is that just, you need to shoot down the zombies or you won't reach your destination at all. Gather the green stuffs that flows out of their bodies. You can use those to upgrade your vehicle later on the game.

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