Ben10: Long Bow

Ben has entered a tournament and he had prepared for this game for a long time. He is confident that he could win since he had been practicing for more than 3 months already shooting some arrows. His targets are the balloons, and he had definitely prove himself a lot of times already. Now, he is confident that he could win the tournament since he had prepared for this even for a long time. However, there are lots of good archer, who also join the contest. This won't be easy for Ben since he would need to compete among the best. He would need to prove himself as a master marksman if he want to win this tournament.

In this game, you need to prove yourself, but this won't be easy since you need to shoot balloons. You can practice in the practice session if you are not that confident as long as you want. There won't be anything to shoot, but balloons in this game. In the practice session, you could shoot unlimited arrows, but in the tournament, your arrows would be limited. Actually, you could have unlimited shots, just as long as you could hit your targets.

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