Ben10 Jeep Race

When Ben move to the countryside to have a peaceful life, he got hat he wanted since the aliens can't find him, thus, he know lives a peaceful life. Life in the countryside is far from a city life as he needs to work hard if he wants to eat. Ben learned a lot of things and soon become a regular in the countryside. He bought a jeep to help him get to where he wants and also to deliver some farm produce to the market. Life is truly a wonderful thing in the countryside even if it harder compared to the city life.

In this game, you need to get to your destination as fast as you can. Well, at least, before your time runs out. Drive your jeep as fast as you can till you reach the destination. That sounds like easy, but it is not that easy since the road ahead is not a smooth road. Actually, there are no road in the countryside and you would need to drive your jeep all through the rocky mountain before you can get to your destination. Try to get stars on the road and get to your destination as fast as you can.

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