Space Invaders

Vilgax is tired of Ben Tennyson as the latter always spoils his plan. Now, more than ever, he more determined to get Tennyson no matter what. This time, he won't just use his strength as called upon his drones, which is enough to eradicate all people from Earth. He doesn't care what happened to our planet and he knows that the PLUMBERS would surely retaliate, but he don't care as he have a massive army. Ben transformed into Upgrade to prepare for battle. This would be along war since there are simply too much drones that are appearing. It seems like there is no way to stop this. But, fortunately, Ben is always here and he won't let the world be destroyed by Vilgax and his drones.

The game is played with a keyboard. You need to get all the drones up in the air. These drones would just stay a top and won't be moving closer to you. They would just keep on blasting you, but fortunately, they don't fire rapidly. Hide among the structures below to avoid being hit. You got three lives in this game and you need it to finish the whole game. The game gets harder and exciting as you make some progress.

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