Heroes Knock Out

Ben Tennyson and his fellow heroes wants to race as they want to prove that they are good at something other than fighting bad guys. No, they can't prove that out by beating their enemies since all of them does that regularly. That won't prove anything at all since that is just a regular thing for all of them. They need to do something new and they have decided that racing would prove that they are the best. They have prepared for the race for a long time and now the race is about to start and all of them are eager to win and excited about the race.

Choose either Ben or the other heroes in this game. You don't need to be Ben all of the time since you have a choice. Choose the one that you like the best because all of the characters are all the same. Drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Try to drive as fast as you can since you don't want to be trailing as you would probably lose the race that way. Grab as many stars along the way for added points. You can't upgrade the car in this game, so you need to do your best whenever the race starts.

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