Ben10: Ultimate Force 3

Ben is back with his epic adventure. Ben knows that danger is always there, but he also know that with the powerful alien device known as the Omnitrix on his wrist, there would be a lot of chance for him to defeat his enemies. Sure, this won't be easy, but the Omnitrix is always there to assist him, enabling him to transform into more than ten different aliens. The number aliens he can transform into also grows as he discovers new alien. All, he need is to touch the new alien with the Omnitrix and he would be able to transform into that new alien.

In this game, however, he won't be using the other aliens other than Heatblast. Anyway, Heatblast would be enough for this game as you just need to hurl fireballs at your enemy whenever they get close to you. Actually, you don't really need to transform into an alien just to fight the enemies as you punch them till they drop. But, that would be difficult and you might end up on the loosing end. It would be better to transform into an alien before fighting the enemies. Anyway, you have the option of avoiding your enemy in this game. Your goal is to reach the door that would take you into another dimension.

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