Ben10: Masterchef

Ben Tennyson has always been fighting some evil aliens and this makes him a common target for most evil aliens. Though, it makes him popular, the downside is that those aliens aren't really giving him a break. Those kind of alien seems to be sprouting from all over the galaxy and Ben can't handle all of them. Recently, Ben has been complaining a lot since he never gets a rest, so now, the PLUMBERS let him rest for a bit, but Ben won't like it if he isn't going to do anything, so he decided to be an apprentice chef to one of the best chef in all over the galaxy. His name is not that important and he don't want to be known anyway. If Ben wants to learn how to cook then he must first learn how to properly cut the ingredients. Well, at least, that is what his master told him.

In this game, you won't be fighting aliens as you would just focus on cutting the ingredients. The whole game is about that and you need to be very good at it or you won't last long. However, you should be wary about the rotten ingredients since that would cost a life for you.

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