Ben 10: The Journey

Ben always depend upon his shape shifting ability and when his Omnitrix can't be use, he tends to run away as he can't do anything else. That is the sad thing about his power as he won't be able to last against his enemies. And, that is not a bad idea since most of his enemies are aliens. They do have some kind of special powers that most humans can't compete. Anyway, Ben can't do anything about that, so the best thing that he could do is to run as fast as he can. He needs to make sure that his enemy can't chase him. Anyway, as soon, the Omnitrix is operational again, he would be back in fighting form. That is of course, he would change to an alien to be able to fight against his opponent. He is indeed a scrawny looking kid after all.

In this game, you can't use your shape shifting powers and all you can do here is to run as fast as you can. Actually, you can't even control the running part as you just can jump to avoid some obstacles. The running part is done by the computer. You just need to make sure that your character won't die as it runs.

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