Ben10: Space Shooter

Everyone relies upon Ben 10 whenever there are alien causing some trouble to the world. Of course, we do know now that not all aliens are evil since some of them are helping us in one way or another. In fact, some of them are even working for PLUMBERS, a high organized group of individuals working for the common good of men and other species. When he found an alien specie that seems to be a virus high-breed, he immediately got there to investigate. Though, he can't transform yet since his Omnitrix hasn't cool down yet from the last battle, he brought in two blasters that he could use to fight the alien virus that is sweeping the galaxy.

In this game, the virus high-breed alien keep popping form out of nowhere, so you need to be ready to shoot all the time. Fortunately, you won't run out o ammo in this game. Don't worry, the alien virus is limited and they would run out and you just need to finish the remaining aliens for you to advance to the next level. The idea here is to shoot and evade as enemies seems to appear from out of nowhere. There would be more aliens as you move from one level to another.

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