Ben 10: Hidden Logo

Ben Tennyson become popular because he is one of the best heroes in the world. Well, actually, he is the only hero we got that can go head to head with aliens. He has proven himself time and time again that he can win against powerful alien. He was a scrawny little kid before he got the Omnitrix. Though, he wasn't afraid of anyone, he was a pushover since other kids are bigger than him. He got the Omnitrix when he was 10 years old while spending some quality time with his grandpa. During that time, there were alien bots that has been dispatched by Vilgax to find the alien device. It was lucky that Ben manage to find it before the bots. Since then, Ben began learning more about the alien device and now, he is really good at using it.

No, you won't be using the alien device in this game; instead, you would need to find them. You read that right, as there are lots of these devices on a single picture. Your goal would be to find them before all of your time is gone. The time won't reset, if you are in a new level.

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