Ben 10 Vs Bakugan Penalty Game

Both Ben Tennyson and Dan Bakugan are goal oriented. If they want to achieve something then you can bet on it that they would be working hard for it. And for that reason, they are able to achieve a lot of things. On top of that, both of them have defeated their enemies time and time again. Maybe, being goal oriented is what makes them winners. Anyway, they are friends, but each one of them want to prove something to the other one. Both of them want to know, who is better and they decided that it must be done with the game soccer. They manage to get a court that is not being use and now they want to determine who is better between them.

Choose either one of the heroes to start the game. Regardless of whom you choose, you would compete against the other character that you don't choose. You need to score a goal and do it over again till the game is settled, wherein you would be declare as the winner. The game is played with a mouse, so you can expect that you need to click at the right time for you to win the game.

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